What Are Carbon Offsets?

We are all responsible for carbon dioxide emissions every day, whether it's by driving, heating and cooling our homes, watching TV, or cooking on the grill. In fact, the average American is responsible for over 50,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

Carbon offsets represent the reduction of CO2 emissions in one place to compensate for CO2 emissions from your energy-using activities (called your "carbon footprint").

Through Carbonfund.org, Budget renters can make their daily, weekly, or monthly rental car use "carbon neutral." Carbonfund.org supports carbon-reducing projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. You can offset your Budget rental by making your donation to Carbonfund.org today. 100% of your donation to Carbonfund.org is tax-deductible.

One Day

300 lbs CO2

One Week

1200 lbs CO2

One Month

4800 lbs CO2

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Budget is working with Carbonfund.org, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is leading the fight against global warming, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to eliminate their climate impact and hastening the transformation to a clean energy future. Carbonfund.org achieves its goals through:

  • Carbon offsets and reductions
  • Climate change education
  • Public outreach

Carbon offsets from Carbonfund.org help support renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally.

Learn more about global warming and carbon offsets.